Anatomical shape for a more secure fit and greater freedom of movement.

Soft instep area that favours use throughout the day.

Anatomical silicone padding over the malleoli that helps disperse tension and reduce stress on the ankle, providing stabilisation.

Protects against tendon overload and minimises the risk of injury.

Functional figure-of-eight strapping that enables selective immobilisation and provides stability under high loads.

Seamless for greater comfort without chafing.

Aqtivo - Elastic Ankle Support (silicone malleolar pads and figure-of-8 strap)

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  • Stabilisation and compression after minor ankle injuries.

    Mild osteoarthritis and arthritis of the ankle.

    Minor injury and instability, joint contusions, distortions and effusions.

    Chronic irritation, postoperative and post injury.

    Ligament weakness.

    Preventative measures during sporting and work activities.

    Proprioceptive stimulation.

  • Ankle Perimeter:

    P706S (small): 17-20 cm

    P706M (medium): 20-23 cm

    P706L (large): 23-26 cm

    Bilateral: Left = Right