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AQTIVO - Technology that suits you

The AQTIVO elastic bandages structured in lightweight and flexible 3D fibers, adapt like a second skin, providing a soft and beneficial compression during sports practice. Its selective compression areas protect the muscles and joints from overloads, favors blood circulation and boosts proprioceptive levels for better sports performance.

Designed for maximum breathability, all Aqtivo elastic bandages incorporate AirQuick fabric, which quickly absorbs and expels moisture to the outside, allowing the continuous flow of air.

NEOPRAIR – A dual effect that enhances well-being

Our new NEOPRAIR orthoses feature AIRLOCK SYSTEM technology to enable the skin to breathe while maintaining body heat. A dual effect that enhances comfort and pain relief.

The fabric, which provides multidirectional elasticity and three-dimensional compression, makes NEOPRAIR orthoses 100% lightweight and adaptable to the shape and mobility of the joints, enhancing its ability to offer support and stabilization during sporting activities.

Therapeutic heat. The internal heat cycle is maintained thanks to the intrinsic properties of neoprene. Heat that relieves pain and reduces recovery time.

Breathability. Its AirLock System technology generates channels in the neoprene which enable sweat molecules to evaporate allowing the skin to breathe.

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